Shadow Guardian Tactical, LLC
Is a tactical training and security consulting company with highly trained instructors professionally certified in their prospective fields. We have assembled the highest quality instructors, combined their skills and experience, and created a training environment that provides our students with an enhanced quality and wider range of training opportunities.

Our instructors are law enforcement and prior military personnel. Many of whom have backgrounds in special operations. The tactical skills and experience gained by our instructors have been obtained in local, national, and international arenas.  Their knowledge is applied to our students training through practical learning methodologies that work in real life scenarios.

Shadow Guardian Tactical operates under a concept that confidentially is an international rule of standards, and therefore maintains the “need to know” rule.  This means that only those authorized will have access to your information.

Shadow Guardian Tactical strives for flexibility and adaptation to the specific needs of our clients and will build a training program to fit your specific training needs.

Our mission goals hold us to the highest standards of professionalism, training, and commitment.