The Shadow Guardian Tactical Training Center, Oak Range is a private facility in Tuttle, OK, located 20 minutes south of Sara RD. & HWY 4, Mustang, OK. The 35 acre training center has a 100 yard range with 8 lanes. Turning & moving targets, cement walk ways between lanes, a range house, a nice classroom, and an additional tactical movement range.
The Tactical movement range is a tactical only range where shooters can conduct close range (25 yds) advanced live-fire tactical movement drills between barricades with pistol, shotgun, and rifle. The Shadow Guardian "Tactical Range" also has a 1200 sq. ft, shoot house with movable walls that enables floor plan change. The shoot house is for NON-LETHAL ammunition use ONLY. The purpose of the shoot house is to conduct movement drills on stationary targets for realistic defensive tactical training. We conduct courses on our Tactical Range for both beginners and professional shooter.

Shadow Guardian Tactical is a tactical training, and security consulting company. We have assembled the highest quality instructors and combined their skills to provide our students with an enhanced quality and wider range of training opportunities.    

OUR STAFF   Oklahoma State Certified Law Enforcement Instructors. USJJF Nationally Certified Martial Arts Instructors. SWAT,  Special Operations, & Combat Mission Experienced.


​​​Shadow Guardian Tactical, LLC


JUNE 22, 2019 * 8:30am-4:30pm

We offer low stress tactical courses geared for everyday people and advanced courses for professionals. We take time working with our individual students in achieving their tactical goals.