Christee Davis Wolfe reviewed Shadow Guardian Tactical, LLC

​5 Stars, 2018

Some friends and I took the concealed carry class last week and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Shawn was awesome!! I was pretty apprehensive about handling and shooting a gun. After all the information and knowledge he shared, along with the one on one attention both in the classroom and on the shooting range, I now feel comfortable knowing how to handle a weapon safely and confidently. I cannot wait to take their next class on accuracy.

Natalie Dean Claunch reviewed Shadow Guardian Tactical, LLC

5 stars, February 3, 2018 

I took Shadow Gardian Tactical’s conceal and carry course last year. I’ll be honest, I was not very experienced and was hesitant to take a class because of that. I was blown away by all the information I learned. But most of all the individual attention I was given in the class and on the range. I felt very confident that I was receiving the best training possible. So patient and helpful with me and every member of the class. I would hands down recommend them!

Mark Dempsey reviewed Shadow Guardian Tactical, LLC 

5 star, February 2018

It was a great class. The instructors are top notch. They are people friendly and truly want to teach people the laws and the safety aspect of the SDA in Oklahoma.

Laura Gonzalez reviewed Shadow Guardian Tactical, LLC 

5 star, 2018 
This is by far the best class I’ve ever been to! CEO Cook is very informative, crack a joke here and there to make it fun, and will spend as much 1 on 1 time needed on the range!! I’d suggest this class to anyone who’s interested!!

Shadow Guardian Tactical, LLC