CLEET Firearms, SWAT and Tactics Instructors, Security Consultants, Close Protection Operators, Martial Arts (Any Art_Dan Grade ONLY), Tactical Driving Instructors, Combat/SWAT Medics, MIL SPECOPS...


Cliff Stout earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Southern Nazarene University and is a former Adjunct Professor at OSU-OKC. Mr. Stout is an active Lt. reserve deputy in Central Oklahoma since 2002. He is CLEET certified and trained in ALERT Active Shooter Level I and Exterior Response to Active Shooter Events (ERASE). He is a certified green belt in the arts of Kodokan Goshin-Jutsu and USA Jujitsu with the United States Jujitsu Federation (USJJF) and ARMA Defense & Jujitsu. Cliff is passionate about teaching, training, and helping others further their education.  Mr. Stout is a member of the Shadow Guardian Tactical administrative staff.

Instructors are posted on a course-by-course basis depending on the skills, experience, and certifications required for the individual course. ​Instructors set their own schedules. 

Austin Warfield served 24 years as a full time police officer and retired at the rank of Lieutenant.  Austin has been a CLEET Law Enforcement Firearms instructor since 2001. He has a Bachelor of Science and a Master's Degree of Criminal Justice Administration from Oklahoma City University. Austin served 15 years on a police (SRT) Special Response Team in the OKC metro area as an SRT operator and Team Leader.  He continues to serve as a firearms instructor with the Union City Police Department. He and his wife own and operate COPS Gun Shop in Oklahoma City. Mr. Warfield is holds numerous other LE certifications and is a Shadow Guardian Tactical  Firearms and Tactical Instructor.


Aaron Plumb is an active law enforcement officer in the OKC Metro and a (CLEET) Council on Law Enforcement, Education, and Training instructor. Mr. Plumb specializes in Home Security and Defense. He is extremely knowledgeable in security surveillance technologies and structural fortification.  He is a (CIT) Crisis Intervention Team Specialist. As a CIT officer, Mr. Plumb Specializes in interaction with people suffering from mental illness, elderly debilitating illnesses, and PTSD. 

Andrew “Zach” Zamudio is a USAF combat veteran and has been in law enforcement for over 10 years. After 3 years as a School Resource Officer he transferred to an OKC metropolitan agency. Zamudio spent a number of years on an OKC Metro multi-jurisdictional tactical unit as an operator and medic. He is a CLEET certified instructor and holds multiple advanced instructor certifications in less lethal munitions, ballistic shield, active shooter response, and is a FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) Tactical Medic Instructor.  He has recently taken a security director position for a local school district and is active in the training of school faculty, staff, and students in response to critical incidents and security infrastructure development. 

Dave Flener is an active Law Enforcement Officer in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Flener has a bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University and has graduated from OSBI’s Agent Academy. He has extensive knowledge in criminal investigations and is trained in interview and interrogation practices. Prior to law enforcement Flener worked in the Oil and Natural Gas industry. His knowledge of corporate culture and experience in law enforcement makes him a great asset on our security consulting team. Mr. Flener is a member of the Shadow Guardian Tactical administrative staff.

Dr. Randall Schubert is the Founder and Chief Instructor of ARMA DEFENSE JUJITSU, the tactical jujitsu branch of Shadow Guardian Tactical, LLC. Mr. Schubert began training in martial arts in 1973. He began with wrestling and Taekwondo, and over the course of 40 years studied Shorin-ryu, Kyokushin and Shotokan karate, earning black belt rankings in each of these karate styles. He presently holds a 5th degree karate ranking in Shotokan and Kyokushin karate.
In 2009, he began training in Kodokan Judo and traditional Japanese Jujitsu (Kodokan Goshin Jujitsu) under the late Master Billy L. Sharp of the United States JuJitsu Federation (USJJF). He currently holds a 4th degree black belt ranking under the USJJF in the Kodokan Goshin Jujitsu and USJJF Jujitsu systems, awarded by Master Bruce R. Bethers, USJJF President. He also holds a Senior Examiner Certification with the USJJF. 
Sensei Schubert was inducted into the UNITED STATES Ju-Jitsu Federation HALL OF FAME  on the 9th of March 2019. 


William Cook is the president of Shadow Guardian Tactical, LLC. He is an active law enforcement officer in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area and a former Special Response Team operator.  He has an advanced police officer certification, advanced law enforcement instructor certification, and is a certified DHS anti-terrorism instructor. He is a certified NRA firearms instructor and is active shooter certified in Terrorism Response Tactics.  He holds a 2nd degree black belt in the arts of Kodokan Goshin-Jutsu, USA Ju-jitsu, and 1st degree black belt  as a Law Enforcement Taiho Jutsu Defensive Tactics Instructor with the United States Ju-jitsu Federation (USJJF) and ARMA Defense & Ju-jitsu. He is also a member of the USJJF National Taiho Jutsu oversite committee. He has over 30 years of experience in law enforcement and security fields. Mr. Cook has a long proven record as an outstanding leader and law enforcement infrastructure developer over local and international organizations. He is the former Chief of Staff of UNSOG (United Nations Special Operations Group)  in UNMIK. He is combat experienced and has extensive experience serving in overseas missions. He is known for his persistence, perseverance, and dedication in managing organizations and teams in extremely harsh, fast-paced, and high-consequence environments. 

Mike Rosenquist is an active law enforcement officer in the OKC Metro area and a CLEET law enforcement instructor.  He is a certified 1st degree black belt in Japaneese Traditional Kodokan Judo, USA Ju-jitsu, and is an instructor/examiner in both styles through USJJF. He holds a Royce Gracie JiuJitsu Law Enforcement Instructor certification and is a member of the USJJF's-BJJ national oversite committee. He  is a senior instructor at Gorilla Judo and BJJ Club under Ricardo Calavanti. He has extensive training in knife fighting tactics, law enforcement and security fields. 

Chris Harding is an active law enforcement officer in the OKC metro area with over 9 years experience. Mr. Harding started his career as an Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputy. While with the Sheriff’s Office he held numerous positions. Which include; patrol officer, jail shift commander, and an assignment with the Oklahoma City Gang Unit.  He has been a SWAT team operator with the Oklahoma County Tactical Team since July 2010. He currently holds an assistant team leader position on the OCSO SWAT team and conducts training for this team regularly. He is Active Shooter Response and CLEET Law Enforcement firearms instructor certified. Mr. Harding holds numerous other LE certifications and is a Shadow Guardian Tactical  Firearms and Tactical Instructor.